Interview series #2 : Caiity Griffin

Today I’m introducing you Caiity Griffin, a 22 year old big wave charger from Cardif, California.

She is probably the most hard core girl I’ve ever met + super super hot!!!

As I  have mentioned  in a previous article I met her in the Maldives a year before and spend some time with her in my x trip to California.

You will get to know more about her if you check the following questions and pictures.


1. When did you start surfing

I caught my first wave (with my dad hanging on the board behind me) when I was  three years old. It went on like that until I was about seven and I started competing.

2. Any comps the previous years

I competed for eleven years. I really love the adrenaline, the feeling of competition, and I definitely want to do some contests in the next year.

3. What’s the biggest wave you ever paddled for?

It’s hard to say, it must have been something at Sunset Beach in Hawaii. Of course I want to say it was easily triple over head.. but who knows for sure:) Haha, I was on a 7’0 mini gun.

4. Worst wipeout?

Sultans, Maldives in July of 2013. It was the biggest swell of the season and I remember specifically saying that day to a guest of mine that it’s really minor here in the Maldives and that I’ve never been scared in the water. I paddled out caught my first wave and was on my way back out when this inside set rolled in and bowled into the craziest wave I think I saw over there. Everyone around me bailed there boards and for some reason I tried to duck dive. It picked me up and threw me so hard back first onto the reef. No serious damage but it shook me up I acted like a baby and stayed out of the water for a few days.. haha It was very humbling.

5. As a Cali girl, do you think California is an ideal place to travel for surfing?

I think that if you’re going on surf trip in California you’ve got to plan it right. If I were traveling there I would go in the winter (December-January) for at least a month or so. There are hundreds and hundreds of waves all up the coast of California so I would take my time exploring and finding the right place for you. Personally if I weren’t from California and I knew what I know, I wouldn’t take a surf trip there. I’ve known too many people who have traveled there to surf and haven’t gotten any waves.

6. You said you have surfed with Bethany Hamilton before and after her accident, how was your feeling about that ?

Bethany was amazing to surf with. She was singing in the water, smiling constantly, she has such a light around her you can’t help but feel it. She beat me in our heat also, she’s really unbelievable.

7. What are your plans for the next years?

I want to keep traveling to new places and experience new cultures, for me this is where I am in life right now. I think it’s so good for the soul to get out in the world and realize that our little bubble at home isn’t all there is for us. I want to ride some amazing waves, compete for sure and see where my surfing takes me. I don’t really have any set plans, only to thrive through my creativity and live as fully as I can.

8. How is the dream life for you

The past three years have been so amazing and I’m truly blessed that I’ve been able to see so many different countries and surf in places I’ve only heard stories of growing up. I never really thought about it too much I just knew always that this is what I want to be doing.. just like some people want to go to school and get a degree, it was an easy choice for me to go down this path I never thought twice about it.

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Keep rocking babe




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