Feeling truly grateful and honored to have shot my second Shape magazine cover.
Shape has been my favorite magazine since ages, and having a cover on it has been a dream.
I won’t forget the day I met this inspiring woman Mirto Mitsiou and her team, everyone in the office was so moving, you could see happy people smiling and being creative. Thats what Ι call ‘’The prototype of a successful director’’ , when your people show their contentment.

On this cover I’m not alone, but with a lil bump, featuring #ShapeMama , talking about my pregnancy, my cravings, and my thoughts about being a young mama.

It’s the March issue ladies, so harry up and get yours.
Thank you for the wonderful collaboration Shape family !

Dimitris Skoulos for the stunning photos
Betty Petkoglou for choosing the best outfits
Yannis Siskos for the hair and makeup
And of course Costas Aggeletakis for being behind this creation.


efi vraka 7-2-2017 shape14547_OK.jpg

efi vraka 7-2-2017 shape14581_OK

efi vraka 7-2-2017 shape14360_OK



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