Pregnancy Surfing

Hey fellas, it’s been a while.
This time i’m not writing about a trip but about a life experience I’m having the last few months.
Probably the strangest for my body and my soul, but so unique at the same time.
For me pregnancy is a gift from God, the biggest blessing for a woman’s life.

Many people are wondering if it is safe to surf while being pregnant.
This was the first question i asked my doctor as soon as I found out I was pregnant. And the answer was yes you can surf from week 13 when the tricky weeks have already passed.
And I was truly impatient for these first weeks to pass until I’m back in the water.
The first session was such a scary experience as the fear was totally penetrating me, but after a few times I was feeling much more comfortable.
Actually my biggest worry was the other surfers in the line up, thats why I preferred to surf not on a traffic jam.
The size of the swell is the biggest issue on surfing while pregnant. Personally I choose to surf small waves so I decrease the danger of hitting myself.
Laying on my belly was an issue that concerned me, I was feeling like I was patting down the baby, so I found a way to stop that feeling. When I had to paddle I was putting all my body weight on my knees and my chest, so as a result I was making a bigger gap between my belly and the surfboard.
As for the board, I didn’t try to surf on a short board but only on a 9.1 longboard. The reason is that you put less effort to catch the wave and it’s easier to pop up.
My conclusion about surfing through pregnancy is that you truly have to recognize the level you are so you avoid any kind of accidents. It’s very important to be sure for the wave you are paddling for and to know that you are efficiently going to catch the wave and not fall off the board.
You always have to ask your doctor before doing any extreme sports, in any case if you are a beginner you definitely have to avoid trying anything new on your pregnancy period.
Every person has a different body and a different pregnancy,it doesn’t mean that we can all surf, ski, kick box, or sky dive. It’s a stage of your life that you have to be calm and healthy.
My advice for the women that wants to surf when pregnant is to stay away from crowds, surf on high temperature water, be very very cautious, always consult your doctor, and listen to your body.

Good luck


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