Effie for Green Cola

At the end of September I teamed up with Green Cola company – to shoot a commercial in Lagos, Portugal.

It was my first time in Lagos, so I was super excited to be there on a business surf trip.

The film crew was awesome and we had a great time filming in and out of the water.

Thank goodness we had the incredible Joao with us, our talented guide who would take us to all the best spots.

The coastline reminded me a bit of Big Sur in California : beach breaks surrounded by huge rocky cliffs and endless ocean as far as you could see.

Wee caught some good waves and we had the opportunity to try out a bunch of different spots.

I was riding my 5.8 Cohete Surfboards








I would like to thank everyone involved for making this super memorable experience a reality.

A big shout out to Mc Victor&Hamilton and Filmiki productions!

Photos by Joao Cabrita Silva



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