The perfect location

There is no place like the Maldives – for me the surfing there is simply the best. First of all, if you choose the right season (usually April-October) the surfing conditions are optimal. In other words, there is no wind, you get long rides, big swells and a big variety of spots to catch a wave from.

If you want to experience the Maldives , there are three different ways to go about it : You can stay in a resort, rent a boat, or rent a room in a local  surf hotel.

As for food, you can buy good fish rather inexpensively but you have to pay good money on veg and water.

Also, before you leave for the Maldives you’ll want to make sure that you have all necessary surf equipment and supplies, because you won’t be able to buy them once you get there. It is not advisable to bring alcohol into the country a it is prohibited by law. Likewise, it is very illegal to take shells or sand out of the country.

Being a muslim country, it is important to respect the local traditions and laws, especially when it comes to clothing. Modesty is a must which means no bikinis or short shorts in the towns and local beaches which aren’t owned by the resorts. At the resorts you can of course wear whatever you want without any problem.

One you think you want t make sure to do during your time in the Maldives is to go either snorkeling or scuba diving as the sea life is something insane. You can sea sharks, dolphins, manta rays, turtles, all kinds of colorful fish, coral and much more.

I hope you guys can all catch some Maldivian swells soon.










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