After two blissful weeks exploring the exotic island of Bali, our tropical adventure was coming to a close. On my last day in Indonesia, I had one more item on my Bali bucket list that I wanted to show to my sister…


The breathtaking Tegallalang Rice Terraces.


These famed cliffs of lush, sprawling rice terraces are located in the Tegallalang Village, about a half hour north of Ubud. You can easily hire a car to take you there. The terraces were designed — and are still currently maintained — using a traditional Balinese cooperative irrigation system.


The ancient rice-growing agricultural society in the Tegallalang village operates with elaborate engineering and shared labor from the entire community.


The villagers of Tegallalang graciously allow tourists to visit and walk among their intricately designed terraces. You can go to the overlook and take as many pictures as you want for free. There is also no fee to enter and hike among the terraces, however if you venture far enough you will come to a bridge where the locals who maintain the paths will ask for a small donation for the upkeep of the trails and bridges.



You could easily spend a couple hours just taking in the beauty of these intricate terraces.




Tegallalang is also a popular attraction for artists and painters.



More Bali news coming soon


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