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Hey guys,
Long time no see.
Today I would like to talk about a place that has been my favorite for the last 5 years. It’s a well known island in the Cyclades but misunderstood due to religious reasons.
It’s Tinos island ladies and gents and for ME, the most amazing island in the Cyclades.
The reason why I love it so much is, first of all, its traditional villages and picturesque architecture.
Tinos is also a ridiculously relaxing place to be. Everywhere you go, there is a chillaxed  vibe, and there are so many secret spots  where you can go hide and be away from it all!
The third reason I love Tinos is Kolympithra.
So, Kolympithra is a beach located around 20 minutes from the city of Tinos at the north part of the island.
When you get there, the first thing you see is the raw beauty of the beach with the ever-present blue van and some mushroom shaped umbrellas.Probably the best combo of the island: wooden shade – north breeze – 2ft waves.
And yes, Tinos has surfable waves, cool enough to learn how to surf and too good to be true for those who can take advantage of the wind.
The best way to spend the summer in Woodstock-inspired style is to visit TINOS SURF LESSON.
Don’t forget to ask for John: he’s the one that’s going to teach you how to surf and how to live on the island.



Kolympithra beach



Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Photo Giorgos Tsapekis

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