Last-minute getaway

On Thursday I got a call that we are going to France for a long weekend. What a cheer!
On Friday afternoon we landed in the famous Charles De Gaulle, and then we drove for 7 hours until our final destination, Mont Blanc, Cordon village.
What a blast! Fresh snow everywhere, cute wooden houses, and a beautiful warm room with the view on this well known white mountain.
After our early morning wake-up and a fresh big baguette with ham and cheese we arrived in the ski resort and hit the slopes for a couple of hours, the snow was so soft and easy but freezing on the same time because of the consistent snowfall. Despite that we could appreciate the beauty of Megeve mountain while crossing between the firs.
On the same way Sunday passed, and then back to Paris for a day.
Monday morning wake-up at the beautiful 16eme de Paris and strolling around Le Marais for shopping, fresh oysters lunch and our last coffee before our flight back.
What a beautiful gateway even if so short.

φωτογραφία 1-1

φωτογραφία 2-1

φωτογραφία 3-1

φωτογραφία 3

φωτογραφία 4-1

φωτογραφία 5






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