Undiscovered Country

I was so moved when I I watched the teaser of the film “The Thing About Greece” not because the star of the film Snowboarder George Ouzounis , is a good friend of mine but because I realized that the extreme sports scene is on the rise in Greece.

“The Thing About Greece” documents the first group of snowboarders in Greece and the tremendous effect that they have had on the new generation of extreme sport enthusiasts. This film shows the struggle of young, up-and-coming extreme athletes in Greece to get their achievements recognized on the world stage.

Snowboarding isn’t the only “hidden” sport in this country – surfing, skateboarding and, bmx, are all thriving here ! The problem is that very few people in Greece know and understand the meaning of the scene, and so it is very difficult and perhaps almost impossible for those who want to be professionals and to get the necessary support and funding to success.

Perhaps this film and others like it could help our athletes to achieve their goals????


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