A quick guide to sun protection on tropical

Every time I’m getting ready to go to a tropical destination for surfing, I try to prepare my skin for the intense tropical sun by sunbathing on the beach.

When I arrive at my destination, I have a specific regime that I follow.

In general I try to develop a tan little by little, so that I don’t burn. To do this, I tend to wake up early in the morning when the sun is less strong and I put on a load of high SPF          water-resistant sunscreen , about 15 minutes before I go into the water.  In the morning hours I wear my bikinis, but during the peak hours of the sun I make sure that I reapply my sunscreen and put on rashes and leggings.  Around 4 o’clock I go back to my morning sun care routine.


Photos Maldives surf trip 2009

DSC_0952 DSC_0983

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