Top 5 beaches in Greece

  • Lagouvardos beach, Marathopoli, Peloponnese

Located about 2.30 hours from Athens, this beach is 4 km from Marathopoli where you can find nice restaurants and hotels. The surf is best here whenever there are north, north-west, north-east swells. However, if the swell is very big and the wind strong onshore, the break is unsurfable.
The surrounding area is full of trees and is very beautiful. You can also pitch your tent under the shade during the summer months.


  • Agrili, Kyparissia, Peloponnese

A beautiful reef break in the Peloponnese is usually the first stop for surfers on their way to Lagouvardos. The surf is good when there is a north, north-west swell. It is a quiet location, and there is the chance for catching bigger waves and longer rides than you can find in Athens.



  • Lygia beach, Preveza

Located about 4 hours from Athens, Lygia is a wonderful beach break that although it is very wide, it is very long and offers some fantastic surfing. It works with south, south-west, north-west swells, and the bigger the waves, the better the surfing!
This is a bit of a quiet beach, which can be nice if your’re looking to get away from it all.



  • Kolibithra beach, Tinos

A short ferry ride from Athens is Tinos, one of my favourite island in the Cyclades. Kolibithra beach is one of the most beautiful and best orginized in Greece for surfing. There is a great atmosphere here, especially in summer, when you can attend its surfschool and when the waves are fun. Kolibithra is a beach beak, and this spot works best with north winds.
When you are done surfing for the day, this land offers nightlife scene and excelent traditional restaurants.


  • Vouliagmeni, Athens

Vouliagmeni beach break might be everyone’s favourite in Athens, located around 20 km from downtown Athens. It is surfable when there are south, south-east, or south-west swells.
Unfortuatelly it is not a very consistent surf spot, because there are waves only 20-30 times per year besides during winter. When the waves tend to be good Vouliagmeni beach break gets very crowded, as this is a very popular location for begginers and for those who don’t want to travel far afield.



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