One Year On: Keala Scores Huge Teahupo’o

What a difference a few days makes. One minute big wave charger Keala Kennelly is all looking glammy at an awards ceremonywhere she won the coveted Billabong XXL big wave award for her ride at Jaws.


Then straight afterwards, as the world’s big wave riders flew to Teahupo’o for a huge swell KK jumps on a plane and gets right into the thick of it. Teahupo’o roared into life and the  internet went mad as videographers and photographers posted images up from the channel. It  was a media circus!

Then KK quite literally got the ride of her life when she pulled into one of the biggest waves she’d EVER ridden. This wave is a game changer for women’s surfing for sure…and it looks like KK maybe up for winning another XXL award less than a week after winning this years!

It’s even more amazing when you think a year ago Keala received an horrific injury after she smashed into the reef at Teahupo’o. She recovered, climbed back into the saddle and carried on. This lady has got balls, what a legend!



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